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мне понравилась


Классная программа

All items not found!!!

About two years ago I really liked this app it was spot on and gave me information. Hey stopped working and showed me everything is unavailable song I just upgraded and paid a dollar . Still every scan says item not found. Can I have my dollar back!? Jeezzzzz!

What a Rip off!

The most user unfriendly app... I do not recommend it!

Not useful

Not that useful, scanned item never shows reviews , pointless

Can not connect to network - Error

What the hell is this error means? I know that I have internet connection to my this app. Fix the issue because whenever I do scan to any item's barcode, it always shows an error

It is worthless

No good at all. I tested it on a few items and it couldn’t give any information at all.

Can’t connect network?


Unsupported app

Does not work. I wonder of the company pulled their server support because repeated scans of common products result in no products found.

Crazy! Continuously saying no connection!

Doesn’t work!


This APP is real garbage.

Doesn’t work!!!

Downloaded & paid $ .99 to upgrade to PRO to scan. It made no difference. Won’t even find a bottle of Advil.


Needed to scan a couple of things and it would not ick them up. Scanned two other very common items and it picked them up, but said could not find a match. I would like my money back!


Keep getting “Cannot Connect To Network”. Tried with WiFi on then switched to LTE only.

Not connected to network?

I AM connected to network. No instruction on how to connect to it. Garbage

Scan app

I keep getting can’t connect to WiFi can’t seem to connect and I haven’t been successful in doing so.

Wasting money

It’s not working at all.

Obsolete and Abandoned by Developer

Nothing I scan comes up anymore, and no wonder! This app hasn’t been updated in 2 years! It displays like an iPhone 6-8 on my X, too. Highly disapprove.

Quick scan

I scan 9 items it only showed the price on 1 of 9 this is a waste of money.

Q\bar code scanner

This app is horrible. I can’t get what it’s suppose to do. It won’t scan the bar codes; it tells me it can’t read it that I had to use the Q scanner and vis versa.


Connection error can I get my .99cent back

Doesn’t work

This app doesn’t work at all. No deals, scan doesn’t detect products and always gets a connection error message.

First time user not happy

I’m a first time user. Everyone raves over the app but I downloaded and even upgraded and was unable to any merchandise. I’m not impressed.

Doesn’t work

Always says “No Matching Product”. No matter what kind of item barcode I scan.

Doesn’t work

I paid for the better version to scan bar codes. I scanned 5 items and it didn’t recognize any of them. I had to google them. I want my$1 back.

Saving loads of money!

This app is absolutely amazing! I use it every single day and anytime I am about to make a big purchase I always check this app to find where I can get the best price. And since having this app I can say without a doubt I have saved hundreds of dollars! It is a must-have if you like saving money and getting deals!!!

Doesn't Work!

I purchased the pro version based on the wonderful reviews. Regrettably I was not able to achieve the same results. I've scanned many codes and never once did I get any read out. For me it just does not work at all. Caveat emptor (let the buyer beware).

Waste of Money

I have scanned 10 different items and all I have gotten is that the item can't be found. Really? Zero for 10? Don't waste your money

Doesn't scan

This app is horrible, it doesn't work and I even upgraded to the Pro, bad mistake. Does nothing.

Very good tool

Really very good tool to find everything

Don't bother & save your 0.99!!

Downloaded the Pro version and regardless of what is scanned there are no results found. What a worthless app. It's already deleted off my phone.


Very good and fun and easy and painless and useful app thank yoooooooooooooooooooou

Great app

Helps u find your items well at other stores with better deals.

Not good

I checked various UPC codes around the house and nothing is found locally....barely any were found on line and one item wasn't even right. That was a waste of a dollar.

My review or opinion

This is awful and doesn't scan at all to even see the price of the item let alone find the cheapest in the area!!!

Total Package

I downloaded a bunch of different apps but this one does everything I needed. Generate a code for just about everything, scan a code, even look for deals nearby! I'm very happy with this choice.

Bad idea

Don't waste you money at all. The app cannot ready most of the codes. Keep the free app and have fun


It's too legit to quit, as long as it doesn't muck up my iPhone.


Camera won't focus, rendering the scanner functionally unusable

Excellent app

U wont be disappointed

Great app

I like it


It scans. It reads. You're informed. Plain and simple. 😏

Not worth 99¢. Use free version

We paid the $0.99 to help assist us in Christmas gift returns. Unfortunately, the app still only showed us results from the Amazon gift store. We went onto the Walmart website and found all of these products locally there. Not sure why the app didn't tell us about Walmart or Target local options. I would say stick with the free version and save the buck.

Second to none

Can not say enough positive things about these pocket sized lights. Portable, versatile, powerful. Lots of bang for very few bucks. Enough illumination for most tasks. Magnetic clip is a bonus for hands free work.

QR code create crash

QR Type Contact causes app crash

Amazingly useful

I love this thing! I'll never get ripped off by a store again!

Scanner needs to b more accessable

It's awedulI got it for the scanner and it's hard to find and negotiate it's location! Having said that I like what I see so far! Good price! Please fix the scanner part and make it easier to open! It's keeps going to pro am which I paid for, but then finding scan is awful! Thanks update that and I will give five stars!

Bar Code

Two thumbs up

Awesome App

Very convenient

Loving it so far

I just installed this today. And I've used it it at least one store and so far I'm loving it. It comparing to other stores or other online companies is a great help and with me being disabled it really cuts down on the searching and the typing and the comparing that you would normally have to do on your own.

SCAM! Scan to SAVE Money?! Yeah right!

I should have just kept the free version but was suckered in by their marketing and promises that we would save money by scanning the upc labels on everything and then the app would tell us the cheapest place to buy!!! Hmmmm looks like these fools are affiliated with AMAZON ONLY!!! And the prices that come up are CRAZY HIGH!! I spent 20+ minutes scanning so many different types of things and I either got "item cannot be found" (hmmmmm maybe because Amazon doesn't have it!) OR it scanned and then showed me AMAZONS price without any other options!!! Ie. Chicken Noodle Soup - scanned and is $1.65 a CAN from Amazon! And NO ONE LOCAL HAS IT!! I live in Vegas, come on!!! This is just ONE item, I won't go through all the ones I scanned. SAVE YOUR DOLLAR!!!!!

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