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Very nice and practic

Excellent scanner

Just excellent. Some products are missing, but generally speaking, its a very good app.

Quick Scan - Great tool

Very useful and easy to use.

Nice app

Especially the QR creating features


Pas mal !!!

Product Search Engine

In Brazil it doesnt Search anu product.


Atendeu as expectativas


Funktioniert prima. Gute Infos. Macht richtig Spaß!


Its very good

Just downloaded it - doesnt read the QR! What a disappointment !

Great Job!

Does exactly what I want it to do.. Great app gents and gals !


This app is awesome. The fact that the app can scan both QR code and regular barcode. Then open a web page (if the code leads to one) for viewing.

Awesome app

Does exactly what I want it to do. Love it!

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Awesome. Just awesome.

Very good

Doo the job

Excellent App!

User friendly & fast - very, well done!


Very useful before buying anything. Thanks


First three things I scanned came up as different items than what they actually were. Not impressed

Scan result

9 out of 10 scans with out results. Disappointed!

Great app

works perfectly!

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