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Amazingly useful

I love this thing! Ill never get ripped off by a store again!

Scanner needs to b more accessable

Its awedulI got it for the scanner and its hard to find and negotiate its location! Having said that I like what I see so far! Good price! Please fix the scanner part and make it easier to open! Its keeps going to pro am which I paid for, but then finding scan is awful! Thanks update that and I will give five stars!

Awesome App

Very convenient

Just downloaded it - doesnt read the QR! What a disappointment !

Loving it so far

I just installed this today. And Ive used it it at least one store and so far Im loving it. It comparing to other stores or other online companies is a great help and with me being disabled it really cuts down on the searching and the typing and the comparing that you would normally have to do on your own.

SCAM! Scan to SAVE Money?! Yeah right!

I should have just kept the free version but was suckered in by their marketing and promises that we would save money by scanning the upc labels on everything and then the app would tell us the cheapest place to buy!!! Hmmmm looks like these fools are affiliated with AMAZON ONLY!!! And the prices that come up are CRAZY HIGH!! I spent 20+ minutes scanning so many different types of things and I either got "item cannot be found" (hmmmmm maybe because Amazon doesnt have it!) OR it scanned and then showed me AMAZONS price without any other options!!! Ie. Chicken Noodle Soup - scanned and is $1.65 a CAN from Amazon! And NO ONE LOCAL HAS IT!! I live in Vegas, come on!!! This is just ONE item, I wont go through all the ones I scanned. SAVE YOUR DOLLAR!!!!!


How about just a quick tutorial for how to use the app for those technically challenged people. Have the app, cant use it

Just purchased the pro

Just spent .99 to purchase pro because the free one doesnt let you create ... so false marketing first of all and then It keeps freezing up and doesnt let me create at all ...

I do not always scan barcodes

But when I do, I use this app.

Great app but needs iOS 10 support

I love to comparison shop, its fast and very useful and the widget is awesome to have . I only wish they update it for ios10 so colors dont clash with other official widgets

Not worth $.99

I scanned in common items, and it did not provide me with prices of local stores.

Pretty good

I wish it showed a more simplistic clean cut view of the better values as well as a larger variety of places where there are better prices because ive know of places with better pricing that are popular and werent on there. Other than that its a pretty good app!

Piece of junk

Pop up ads and Ive never found it to be able to find an item that I have scanned yet

Doesnt work

Ive scanned several common food items in my kitchen and it either says it cant find the product or just gives me online shopping info never has local store info why is what I want.

Love the Savings

Finally a key to the funny looking squares. We all knew those odd shapes held great knowledge. Now we have the great app that unleashes the power. I also love the aspect of the app that allows me to price an item in seconds by a given description. I sell on line so this app is a life saver on price research. Highly recommend.

Love it

Very helpful

Not happy with the ads

Even though I have the Pro version, the app starts out showing ads. DO NOT LIKE AND IS NOT WELCOME.

Best one

I tried lot of QR scanners/reader but found this one awesome. Its really quick & accurate. Good Job developers....

Ads Galore and Poor Functionality

Ads jump out at you the minute you open the app. Not sure why this is the "pro" version when it comes with ads. Aside from the ads, the functionality is poor. At times it refuses to scan or, more often, returns a message that the code is not recognized. Dont waste your money on this ad filled, poor functionality app.

Pro Version Still has Ads

This thing spits ads at you the moment you open it. I paid for the pro version because I wanted to avoid ads. Aside from the ads, the scan app isnt reliable. Too often a qc/bar code reports back nothing.

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